Hi, Im Jennifer.

I am an award winning, published photographer based in Clarksville Tennessee. I love to travel and any time I can meet one of you babes out in the world I'm down for it! {Dont'worry Florida babes! I'll be back!}

Boudoir has become something of an obsession. From wardrobe, to sets, to showing you ladies how badass you are- it's something I don't think I can ever live without again. Elopements have stolen my heart and feed my travel bug as well. Making magic throughout the country and the world makes this "job" so much better!

I can't wait to meet you, to SEE the look on your face when you see what a badass you are. To see you REALLY see yourself for the beautiful, strong, sensual woman you ARE and deserve to be.



"I had intended to have other shoots with Jenn & lifey type stuff always got in the way. We both realized that it was because this was our time to connect & empower & encourage one another. I can tell you that even if your experience isn’t as intimate & personal as mine, you will still feel a whole new level of self love when you walk out of there and see your gallery photos once they’re ready. I am so grateful for this experience as I am stepping back into my power."

—Jenn C

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