Hello beautiful...

I'm so excited that you're here and considering applying for the Beautiful, Seen Project.

Why the Beautiful, Seen Project?

As a boudoir photographer I have spoken with, photographed and been a witness to so many women over the year's. Though everyone of those women are different, so many of the same things live in side each of us. This fear of being our truest real version of ourselves, worrying about what society and other's think. The doubt about our bodies, our look's, our worth in our skin. We're always questioning our value, the way we look, how other's perceive us. We shit on ourselves if we don't meet these invisible standards that we've somehow managed to place on ourselves as women, as a community as a whole, yet none of us wants to be held to those standard's. The size of our pants, our success measured only by the deposit's into our bank accounts, or how good of a mother, wife, or homemaker we are. Never really seeing the beauty in ourselves that those around us see, the one's who love and admire us. Our partners, our friends, our children. The Beautiful, Seen Project will do just that. Show you the beauty that the other's around you see. To show you your worth, to help give you the confidence to love yourself in a way you may never have before. To learn to trust yourself in that confidence.

 The Beautiful, Seen Project is for every woman.

Nomination's for the project have closed. If you'd like to book a Beautiful, Seen session or gift one, inquire below . I can't wait to SEE you.