May 1, 2023

Boudoir Session Prep Guide

Hello love!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for trusting me & my camera to photograph you in such a raw, vulnerable way. I adore boudoir session's and the power they have to empower and uplift my ladies, helping them be the bad ass bitch I know you are. Because YOU are what your session is about. It's not the outfits, it's not about the occasional you're doing it for, and it's not about that special person. Use what excuse you want when you come in, but this... girlfriend... this is for you.

And I can't wait to show you what a Goddess you are.

Now I'm sure you're thinking holy shit.. I just booked a boudoir session.. WTF am I doing?! What am I gonna wear? How do I pose? WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!

I'm sure that's just a few of the MANY thoughts going through your mind right now. I don't blame you one.little.bit. Its fucking nerve wracking. Your going to get essentially naked in front of a stranger. But it's OK. Its ok to be nervous, it's ok to be a little worried. Honestly I expect it. That's why I'm the professional. Because it's MY job to help coach you on what to wear, how to pose, what to do with your hands and how to coach you into those amazing expression's you see on my website & social media. Read on to learn how to rock the shit out of your session. What to do and what sure as shit NOT to do.

What in the ever loving hell DO I EVEN WEAR?! And where the hell do I get it?!

"What do I wear" Is probably the MOST common question I get. And the one that is easily the most over thought by everyone. Wear what makes you feel like a fucking sex Goddess. Item's that fit well, and make you feel amazing. Purchasing new outfits or even expensive ones aren't always necessary, you'd be surprised what you already own that would likely work for your session. And there's always the option of going nude.

Ensuring your items are in good condition, fit well and are clean and ready to go are the most important things when packing for your session. Never worry about having too much, I would rather you have too much than not enough to choose from. Do however leave at home anything your not in love with or doesn't fit right. I can't tell you how many ladies bring in items they "don't really like but I didn't know". If you don't like it now, you wont like it later in your images. Wearing items that are too small can cut into your body and give you the appearance of being heavier than you are, I know at times it sucks to have to go a size up on something, but sometimes it's necessary. Items that aren't in great condition will show that way on camera. I cant photoshop them to look newer/nicer than they are.

What to wear checklist:

Matching Bra & Panty Set- You cannot go wrong with a couple of these. Make sure the bra & panty fit properly. Most stores will measure you if you need to be fitted again. Bodysuits & body shapers are fucking LIFE. They are super flattering on everyone. Comfy sweaters, kimonos, wrap or robe all work amazing. A flannel button down can be incredibly sexy as well. (When bringing these types of items be sure they aren't too many sizes bigger than what you wear} Also feel free to think outside the box! Leather jackets & knee boots, big fur coats, your favorite torn up t-shirt. For lake & shower session's be sure to pack a towel and maybe a fluffy robe for after depending on the weather. Item's that are clingy and turn sheer when wet are some of the best option's for these sessions {think white t/tank, slips etc}. Bra & panty sets and bodysuits still work just as well. I do have a number of body chains, bdsm & kink accessories and dresses available to borrow. {Dresses for field sessions}

What sort of accessories should you bring?

I'll be honest, I don't tend to shoot shoes or jewelry a lot BUT I'm totally open to rockin it out if it's important to you. Nude, closed toed pumps work well, boots, body harnesses, fishnets are just a few of the great things you could bring with you. For kinkier shoot's feel free to bring floggers, leather straps/cuff's, whips, etc. Don't be afraid to fly your freak flag proudly!

Not sure if something you have will work? Bring it with you or feel free to send me photos and ask.

Prepping for your boudoir session, what to do and what not to do....

Taking the time to prep everything for your shoot will keep you relaxed and feeling confident. Throwing everything together last minute will make you feel frazzled and out of control. I want you to have a fabulous experience from start to finish and the best way is to simply be prepared. Hair & make up can be booked through myself or with one of my local artists.

Skin: hydrate the week of your shoot, drink water regularly. Your skin will love it and it gives your skin a refreshed look. It's a great idea to exfoliate your body prior to your shoot, make sure not to irritate & redden your skin though, this is best done 2 or 3 days prior to your session. If you wax, make sure to do it or have it done leaving enough time for your skin to calm down if you are prone to any reaction. If you prefer to spray tan before your session please do so with enough time for it to settle, and giving you time to correct anything that may have gone wrong during the tan. {streaks, orange palms or bottom of feet..etc}

Face: Treat yourself to a facial. Your skin will glow, just make sure to know how your skin reacts and give yourself time for your skin to calm down after treatment. Get your eyebrows waxed if they need it, since they frame your face they are an important part of prep.

Hair: If you choose to book with my hair & make up artist be sure to come in with day old hair, this makes it easier to curl/style for your session. I do not recommend making any drastic changes or getting a cut prior to your session if you do not have a solid relationship with your stylist. If you hate your hair, you'll hate your images.

Hands & feet: Your hands can be used in very sensual, creative ways in your session and you'll want to make sure they look great. A manicure & pedicure are an easy way to take care of it, clear polish is just as good as going with a color-just be sure your color works with all your outfits. If you plan to wear any jewelry during your session be sure to get it cleaned prior to.

Clothing & Accessories: Prepare those amazing outfits at least a few days in advance, don't cram them into a bag if possible, be sure to hang anything that wrinkles easily. Make sure to try everything on a few days before your shoot that way you have time to shop for new outfits if anything you ordered does not fit well or you don't like how it looks on you.

Relax.. Be Yourself. You're investing a lot into this experience, so enjoy it. Have faith you'll look amazing, the rest is up to me. I'll make sure you have a great time and look amazing.

Outdoor sessions

I absolutely LOVE doing outdoor session's. Any chance I have to get out into an amazing location, get in some water and have fun in the woods I'm always down for. Outdoor session's in reality aren't that different from indoor session's. You'll want outfits that don't come across as lingerie more so than a sexy bathing suit or bodysuit. You'll want to make sure to bring a towel, dry clothes that are easy on/off, and possibly water shoes.

Couple's Sessions!

Couple's sessions are becoming more & more popular and of course bring their own questions and challenges to the table. Most "What does my husband wear?!" The guys are super easy, a well fitting, plain colored t-shirt & jeans, or slacks & a nice button down are both fantastic. Just make sure that his level of dress matches what you plan to wear for the shoot. For shower or lake scenes make sure to pack him some extra undies, men are able to go nude if they'd like- though not mandatory. In reality they aren't really different from a single person boudoir session- now there's just two of you.

For the gent's concerned, yes.. There are times when male client's have an erection. It happens. We're all human and it's awesome knowing how into you your husband is. {I mean for you, not me lol} If he needs a second to cool down that's totally okay! While it seems like shoot's go further than implied in the images- I can assure you they don't. There's still breaks for chatting, changing poses & wardrobe and swapping you two out for individual & couple's photo's.

After your session is done, and your outfits put away, I'll review all the images we shot and choose only the best of the best. I'll edit & retouch them based on my artist standards and ethics. I do not modify my clients bodies. Ever. I will smooth your skin, take care of any blemishes and that's about it. If you have any special requests as far as body modification of scar removal or the like please discuss this with me prior to your session so that we can be on the same page about it. Once your images are ready to I'll send you a link to your online gallery to view them and order any prints, albums or wall art you may want*. Please keep in mind product delivery time can take 4-6 weeks. Full gallery session's will be ready for download by you when sent. {*Payment plans ARE available}

I can't wait to get you into the studio and blow your mind by showing you how amazing your going to look and feel. By the time we're done shooting your image's we'll be new best friends.

-xoxo Jen

Ready to book? Want more info?

I can't wait to mee you! Let me know if you have questions, need more info or if you're ready to book your session!