May 4, 2023

What to wear, places to shop & what not to wear

What to wear

What to wear

One of the biggest question's I get is "what do I wear"? Which of courses for me is easy to answer after all the year's I've been doing this. I have a handful of places I absolutely adore and can recommend wardrobe that is more affordable and more of a splurge.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing things to wear and things I recommend.

1- Make sure it fits WELL. This is one of the MOST important things you should keep in mind. If it's too small it will cut in and not be very complimentary. Same as with things that are to big. Well fitting item's are a MUST. I know sometimes we dont want to go up in size- but not every company sticks to the same size chart and it's a necessity.

2- The item's are in good condition. It will obvious in your photo's if items are damaged, worn out or discolored. Make this an excuse to update your lingerie drawer with new beautiful things.

3- ONLY wear things that make you feel AMAZING. How you feel about what you're wearing will impact your session greatly. I DO encourage my ladies to bring one outfit JUST outside your comfort zone, or to go nude. I love shaking things up a bit and helping you try new things.

What NOT to wear

As talked about in the prep guide, there are some things you should avoid wearing. I touched on it briefly in the "What to wear" rules above, so let's expand on that.

Things that don't fit well will not compliment your frame. Think about how just buying the right jeans can compliment your waist and butt, same thing with your lingerie. As well as things that are not in good condition. Runs, {Unless its intentional lol}, tears, stains and lace with pull's are all things I would avoid.

I personally {so this is MY opinion as a boudoir photographer- and the things I've found work with how I photograph client's} do not like seeing things like over sized men's jerseys {They make us look boxy}, or over sized men's shirts when there is a noticeable size difference between you & your partner.{Think little kid in Dad's t-shirt that's to the floor} Well fitting button down's, loose sweaters CAN be sexy when they are sized correctly. I also find corset's to be outdated and feel there are so many other beautiful option's out there to compliment your frame. I do find that most corset's worn for boudoir sessions are fashion corsets which are not properly fitted to my client's body and often bulky and limiting on movement.

Now, you don't really wear 'props' but they do merit their own conversation. Yes- in the past I have photographed things like footballs, guns, motorcycle helmets etc. I no longer do- I feel as though they take away from the true purpose of the shoot- YOU. I often find that these item's are a distraction and are often there when we're feeling nervous and self conscious and want to add something to the image. I do however allow/LOVE bdsm/kink accessories and keep a number of them on hand for use during your session. You are more than welcome to shoot me a message if there's something you'd like to include so we can chat about it.

Have any question's? Want my opinion on an outfit? Shoot me a message and let's chat about it.

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